MCA Cricket Demonstration at Toledo Country Club

MCA ran a cricket demonstration for participants in the Toledo Country Club summer camp on Monday, as part of the camp’s International Week. The visit, suggested by Avinash Kommireddy of the Michigan Cricket Association Youth Committee, was hosted by Becca Gorman of TCC and camp teacher Michelle Kronmann, who both welcomed Gordon Makin of MCA, his father Michael, and his youngest brother Nigel to the stately Club (founded 1897), on the banks of the Maumee River in the southern part of the city of Toledo. The MCA visitors enjoyed lunch in the Club’s elegant dining room before the demonstration, at which a dozen young campers, ranging in age from four to ten, watched Gordon and his father explain the game and illustrate some basic cricketing skills in the Club parking lot. The campers then took turns to bat and bowl themselves. Several young novices proved themselves precociously skilled with bat and ball, and all were intrigued by the sport, as the pictures below may well indicate.

Gordon on strike, with Becca Gorman filming it all.

Gordon fears a bouncer might be coming.

Bowling basics.

Film analysis of the bowler’s action is being prepared.


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