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Joint Head Coach — Shyam Mayasandra

MCA Joint Head Coach

Coach Mayasandra, BSME Bangalore University,  MSME Villanova University, MBA Michigan State University, is a distinguished and accomplished professional man with an equally distinguished cricketing pedigree.  He played for his university, played top-level league cricket in his native Bangalore, and made some first-class appearances.  He is a swashbuckling batsman (favorite expression: “I don’t like dot balls”), who can also bowl nagging medium pace — in his youth he was a destructive fast bowler, with some outstanding performances to his name.   He has played league cricket in the United States for many years, latterly for Troy C. C., Motown C.C., and for MCA’s own T20 team, which he captained.  Two years ago Coach Shyam was the top-scoring batsman in the MichCA T20 league, and the only player to score a century (vs U. of M. XI).  He is a prominent participant in many regional tournaments, such as the annual Corporate Cup, and in 20111 captained the Michigan Cricket Association team in the Unity Cup in Chicago.


Joint Head Coach — Vasanth Krishnaswami

MCA Joint Head Coach

Dr Krishnaswami, like Coach Shyam, is a very accomplished professional man.  A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, which he represented on the cricket field, he defended his Ph. D. in Engineering at the Ohio State University, and has been an active member of the Michigan cricket scene ever since moving to the state.  Nowadays, he often opens the batting for Motown Cricket Club, and deceives many opposing batsman with his wily leg spin; when his very busy travel schedule permited, he also played for MCA’s T 20 team.  Coach Vasanth is not only an accomplished cricketer and, with Coach Shyam, one of the founders of MCA, but also a tireless servant of the sport in other areas: he is one of MichCA’s most respected umpires, and shows the wisdom of Solomon on various MichCA rules and disciplinary committees.

High-Performance Coach — V. V. Giri

Dr V. V. Giri is one of the Midwest’s most distinguished cricketers and one of America’s most sophisticated cricket writers.  He has been involved in cricket writing for many years, working for newspapers and web sites all over the world, and has acquired many followers and fans because of his in-depth knowledge of the game.  He is currently President of Troy Cricket Club in the Michigan Cricket Association, and has played with distinction for that club for many seasons. He has also served MichCA as a selector, coach, and umpire for many years. Whenever he visits his native Chennai, Dr. Giri plays for the famous Madras Cricket Club (one of India’s oldest and most respected clubs).

Dr Giri enjoyed a long career as one of the top players in Chennai’s highly competitive first (senior) division of league cricket. He was also in the state squad for a brief time, in spite of his busy professional life in health care. An outstanding off-spinner and very successful opening batsman, he played not only throughout India, but also in England (Essex league) and Australia (NSW league), and was a member of touring parties that played in Canada, the USA, the Caribbean, and many countries in Europe and the Far East.

Dr Giri worked as a top-level  cricket coach for many years in Tamil Nadu, coaching senior division league teams (SPIC, Madras Cricket Club,  MAC Spin foundation). Several leading India internationals (Robin Singh, S Ramesh, Hemang Badhani, Badrinath, Dinesh Kaarthik ) are numbered among his former charges. He was also a highly successful cricket administrator, spending several years as the very effective Cricket Secretary of the Madras Cricket Club.

Dr Giri studied at Madras Medical College and defended his Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Technology in the USA.  Pharmaceutical research and development has, like cricket, taken him to many countries, and eventually brought him to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where he works in Clinical Research.

Since the beginning of the 2011 season, MCA’s senior players have had the great good fortune to benefit from special, one-on-0ne high-performance coaching sessions with Dr Giri.  MCA can also offer high-performance coaching from Dr Giri to adult cricketers, who should contact the Academy for more details.

Dr Giri is also the author of the column “Willow Talk” on the MCA web site — one of the most visited parts of the site, not least because readers respect and enjoy the author’s trenchant opinions and ready wit.

Dr. Giri Vankeepuram  V.,  Clinical Research, Internal Medicine, University of Michigan Hospitals. USA.


 Coaching Philosophy

MCA’s coaches believe in the  careful, personalized nurturing of every player.  As experienced and accomplished club cricketers they are able to provide constant guidance, but they also emphasize individual development and resist the modern pressures to “over-coach” players.

Other MCA Office Holders

Information Director — Michael Makin

MCA Information Director

Professor Makin (M.A., D. Phil., Oxon.) belongs to the large class of sports fans who “only wish they could”.  He last played competitive cricket as a rare eleventh man for the Oxford college where he was an undergraduate — his usual role at the sports field was scorer; the highest he rose in school cricket was to make occasional and usually regrettable appearances for the second XI (although he remains strangely proud of his vice-captaincy of the third XI).  Doomed by birth to be an Essex and England fan, he believes that current calls for a Test Championship are redundant, since one has existed for over one hundred years: the Ashes.

When Professor Makin isn’t driving his sons to their various sports activities, he is Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Michigan, and, although he claims to be writing a book on sports, the books he’s written so far seem to be on such poets as Marina Tsvetaeva and Nikolai Klyuev, who, if they had ever heard of cricket, probably confused it with croquet, as many Russians do to this day.


MCA Player Profiles

Anurag Yerabati, 22, RHB, RFM, WK

Anurag has been with MCA for over four years and is now one of the Academy’s senior players.  A pacy bowler with good line and length, he has been one of the mainstays of the MCA attack both at age-level and in the T20 league.  In 2011 Anurag was Vice Captain of the Motown-MCA team that plays in the MichCA 40-overs league, and promptly celebrated his appointment with two successive five-fors, a 50, and a Man-of-the-Match award.  He went on to top the bowling table for the 40-overs league first stage in the 2011 season.  In 2013 Anurag joined Michigan Premier CC in the forty-overs league, and played for Warriors, winners of the Mich-CA T-20 Trophy.  Two years ago, a senior MichCA batsman, dismissed cheaply by Anurag, wrote the following about his bowling: “I was very much impressed with Anurag’s bowling yesterday especially the ball he got me bowled.  He was swinging in most of the deliveries and all of a sudden swung one out. Even though I got bowled cheaply I was happy that I got bowled to a good delivery.”   As MCA’s coaches anticipated, Anurag is also developing into a very good batsman. In 2012 Anurag also played for his university team, Wayne State U. C. C., in the Great Lakes Tournament, distinguishing himself with both ball and bat (with a fifty to his name).  Among his earlier career highlights, Anurag was three years ago Youth MVP of the USICL (one of Michigan’s winter indoor leagues).

Chamila Kannangara, 21, LHB RFM

MCA’s Lankan Lion came late to cricket, falling in love with the sport during the 2007 World Cup.  Since then he has become a truly intimidating fast bowler, and a batsman whose aggression can produce the sort of late-middle-order assaults that win matches.  His imposing build and thunderous run-up have left more than one junior batsman at the MCA nets whispering anxiously that he “doesn’t feel like facing Chamila tonight”.
Chamila starrred with the bat at MCA’s Labor Day Weekend Tournament in

2008, destroying the opposition bowling with a fearless assault in the U-17 final against GCCA, which won the title for the host just as the match seemed to be slipping away.  In 2010 Chamila, returning from a winter in his native Sri Lanka, where he received extensive personal coaching, added more control to his pace and aggression, and bowled very effectively indeed for MCA in the T20 league.  Like many MCA players, he has also appeared for several other local clubs in both MichCA and GLCC tournaments.  In 2013 Chamila played for M.P.C.C.


 Kishan Patel, 20, RHB, RFM

Kishan Patel is one of the most accomplished and experienced youth cricketers in the area.  An outstanding all-rounder and a very good team captain, he has represented Central East Region at both U-15 and U-19 levels, and has played for half a dozen clubs in the two Michigan leagues.  In 2010 he played for (among others) MCA’s T20 team, where he led with both bat and ball, for Motown Cricket Club under the captaincy of Kashif Akhtar, and for Farmington Hills C. C., while also captaining his own team, the  Vikings, in GLCC .  He regularly opens the bowling for MCA and often for other teams, making fine use of the new ball: he combines accuracy with considerable hostility, and can deliver an excellent bouncer as well as a very well disguised slower ball.  He extracts a lot of bounce due to his height (6′ 3″) and high action, which also gives him the ability to bowl an excellent outswinger.  Kishan is a middle order batsman with very good technique, who can also score quickly when needed.  His height gives him very good reach and allows him to play aggressively off the front foot.  He is able to anchor an innings or lead a run chase as the situation demands.  He is a fine fielder with a strong arm.  His captaincy reveals him to be a very intelligent cricketer, able to handle challenging situations with striking maturity, and not afraid to innovate.  In MCA tournaments Kishan has regularly led with both bat and ball, while in 2010 club cricket he has made key contributions to MCA’s improved performances, winning the Man-of-the-Match award for his all-round performance against HFHS.  Kishan provided the Central East Region U-19 team with some highlights at the Western Conference national finals in 2010, batting aggressively and taking a vital hat trick

Deepak Chilla, 20, RHB, RM

Deepak Chilla was the outstanding youth player on MCA’s T20 team in 2009.  Throughout the season his bowling was quick, economical, and often very effective, with swing being one of his top weapons. In ten matches he took eleven wickets at an average of 16.64, making him  the highest wicket-taker, and giving him the best average of all regular bowlers (as well as the top economy rate).  He is also a very effective middle-order batsman, whose strength allows him to despatch the ball beyond the longest boundaries square of the wicket.  Deepak has represented the Academy at the CCA tournament and was a youth MVP at the  Michigan Sixes indoor tournament in 2009.  He had a very succesful time with the bat during MCA’s Labor Day Weekend Tournament in 2008, scoring 35 against MichCA Colts and 28 against GCCA in the final.  For Motown-MCA Deepak has been a very economical line-and-length bowler, and an outstanding fieldsman.  Deepak is now a student at Wayne State University.

Pawan Canchi, 20, RHB, OB

Pawan is another player for whom MCA enabled a late-developing interest in cricket to blossom, when he joined MCA in 2008.  The Academy’s top off-spinner, Pawan had an outstanding Labor Day Weekend Tournament in 2008, taking 3-21 in the final to help win the host club the U-17 title (his second three-wicket haul of the tournament).  Pawan has represented MCA in Canada (the Cross-border series with Toronto’s North Star), and was a regular member of the T20 team.  He is now one of the leading bowlers for Motown-MCA, and his 4/25 in the 2011 victory against Oakland University C. C. brought him the Man-of-the-Match award.  A thoughtful cricketer, Pawan is also an outstanding student, currently studying at the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering.

Jay Nirban, 20, RHB, RFM

Jay and twin brother Jeet arrived in Michigan from their native Ahmedabad recently, and immediately became fixtures of the MCA T20 and tournament teams, as well as excellent models for all younger MCA players at practice.  Both brothers had fine careers as school cricketers.  Jay is a versatile batsman who can occupy the crease and display very “correct” stroke play, or can attack the bowling with ferocious aggression.   Jay won the Best Batsman award at MCA’s Memorial Day Weekend Tournament in 2010, scoring the highest aggregate of runs in the entire tournament, and dominating the opposition bowling in a series of key innings.  He has continued to show his prowess against Michigan bowling attacks, putting in several, powerful performances early in the 2012 season.

Jeet Nirban, 20, RHB, RFM

Jeet is an excellent line-and-length bowler who has troubled batsmen consistently since joining MCA.  In MCA’s Memorial Day Weekend Tournament, 2010, Jeet’s two key wickets in two balls against MichCA Colts were identified by his captain, Kishan Patel, as the key moment in the match, since they dismissed the biggest opposition threat and another fine player consecutively, and turned the tide for the hosts.  Jeet is also an aggressive and very effective late-middle-order batsman, who has impressed in T20 matches, where the format has permitted him to shine (his 18 n.o. off nine balls against the University of Michigan XI was a striking indicator of his ability).

Koushik Yadati, 21, RHB, RFM

Mughil Ghovardanan, 21, RHB, RM

Krishna Kompella, 20, RHB, RM Krishna Kompella brings a big personality to the cricket field, along with an ability to hit the ball hard and very effectively, as he did in 2010 when his quick-fire innings saw him chosen as youth player of the match in MCA’s first T20 match of the season.  He can bowl medium pace or leg spin, and has a passionate interest in the game beyond the club scene.  Krishna played for the Michigan/Midwest Cricket Academies side in California in 2007, and has been a regular participant in MCA’s own tournaments.  He is currently a student at the University of Michigan.

Shashank Subramaniam, 21, RHB, LBG

MCA’s senior leg spinner has been with the Academy for over six years, and has played for MCA and combined teams at home tournaments and in California and Chicago.  In 2009 Shashank was selected to represent Central East Region in the national U-15 regional tournament in California.  He has also caught the eye of Motown C. C. captain Kashif Akhtar, who likes his very correct batting as well as his outstanding fielding, and welcomed him on Motown teams in 2009.  Shashank is not only an accomplished cricketer, but also an excellent musician, and a fine student.  Shashank is now a student at the University of Michigan.

Shannu Satyavolu, 21, RHB, RM

Shannu Satyavolu played regularly for MCA in 2009, but spent most of the summer of 2010 in India.  Now returned to Michigan, Shannu is looking forward to resuming his cricketing career with MCA.

Aniruddha Mayasandra, 18,  LHB, SLA

Ani is a powerful batsman and a bowler who recently turned from pace to very effective, bouncy left-arm-orthodox spin.   Among the youngest MCA batsman to delight his team mates with sixes, he has led key run chases — for MCA against HFHS in the T20 league two years ago, when his 24 not out helped win the match for MCA, and for Central East Region in an age-level match against Atlantic in an out-of-tournament age-level match in California three years ago, when his straight six turned the tide.  He has captained MCA and Michigan-Midwest sides at tournaments in Michigan and California, and recently spent some time at an academy in Bangalore.  In 2010 Ani was one of MCA’s top batsmen in the MichCA T20 league, and was joint Man-of-the-Match in MCA’s last T20 fixture of 2010, against the University of Michigan XI, when his power hitting produced MCA’s top score of 34. In 2011 Ani was Man-of-the-Match for Michigan Premier C. C. in the MichCA T20 league, when his 2/21 and 32 not out led the new club to their first ever league victory (over Punjab C. C.).     In 2013 Ani played for M.P.C.C. in the Mich-CA forty-overs league, recording one fifty (against hi old club, Motown C.C.); he was ranked as the sixth-best all-r0under in the League by Results Vault, Mich-CA’s online record-keeping system.  In 2013 Ani also captained the Mich-CA U-19 team to a second-place finish in the Junior Olympics tournament, and was drafted by Vehma Engineering the Corporate Cup.  Ani played several seasons of American football for school teams, and is a member of his high school tennis and swimming teams.  Ani entered Michigan State University in the Fall of 2012.

 Jai Sura, 17, RHB, RM,

Jai, a committed ice hockey player, appears for MCA whenever he can, showing power and aggression with the bat.  He is the only MCA player to be able to claim familiaritywith the “Home of Cricket” — he visited Lord’s in the summer of 2010, where he got to see now former Middlesex and England batsman Owais Shah in the nets; he also visited the famous Lord’s museum, where he caught the much praised special comparative exhibition on cricket and baseball.


  Gordon Makin, 17, RHB, OS/LBG,  WK

Gordon batting for Mich-CA at the Junior Olympics, 2013.

Gordon batting for Mich-CA at the Junior Olympics, 2013.

Gordon has been an MCA player for seven years.  He is an opening batsman, wicket keeper, and nowadays an occasional spinner.  He played regularly for MCA in the T20 league and has played for Motown C. C. in the MichCA 40-0vers league since he was twelve.  In 2013 he played for Punjab CC Kings in the T-20 Trophy and for MPCC in the T-20 Shield;  he has also made occasional appearances for other clubs.  His 2009 highlights included two three-wicket hauls for Motown Cricket Club in the MichCA 40-overs league (one wicket was of the year’s league MVP, dismissed lbw for nought), a well-built innings of 18 against Troy C.C. for the same club, and some solid performances opening the batting for Central East Region in the regional U-15 tournament.  In the MCA Memorial Day Weekend Tournament, 2010, Gordon was selected by senior umpire and former first-class cricketer Dr V. V. Giri as man-of-the-match for his performance against MichCA Colts in the hosts’ key final match.  His maiden fifty, scored for CER against South West Region in the 2010 National U-15 Tournament in New Jersey, won him the Man-of-the-Match award and propelled him to the DreamCricket All-Tournament team;  in the same tournament he also top-scored for CER U-15s against New York.  He had a solid season for Motown in 2010, putting in some good performances with the bat, regularly appearing behind the stumps, and taking wickets when given the ball, and he top-scored for the MCA XI in its group-stage victory over UM in the 2010 National Collegiate Cricket Championship, when his unbeaten 40 won him the Man-of-the-Match award. At the CCA Invitational Tournament in 2011 Gordon scored 47 against New Jersey and 71 against CCA Royals (ten fours and his first ever six).  Gordon represented Central East Region in the USACA 2011 national inter-regional U-15 tournament in Hartford, CT, scoring two fifties (he carried his bat for 56 against North East, after keeping for the opposition’s innings).  Gordon was then called up to the U.S. national U-15 side to play in the ICC Americas Under-15 Northern Division Tournament in Winnipeg.  At that tournament he top-scored for the USA against Bermuda with a fighting 65 and was selected for the DreamCricket all-tournament team.  In 2012 he scored his first 50 in a MichCA match, carrying his bat for 61 against Lions C. C. for the combined Motown-MCA team in the 40-overs tournament.  In 2013 he was top-scorer for Motown C.C. in all competitions, with a total of 275 runs, including a 79 n.o. against Lions C.C. in a regular-season league match and a 79 against Royal Knights C.C. in the Forty-overs Contenders’ Trophy, which Motown won.  In 2013 he also scored a fifty for Punjab C.C. Kings; was vice-captain of the Mich-CA U-19 team, runners-up in the Junior Olympics tournament; and was drafted by Vehma Engineering in the Corporate Cup.  Gordon has extensive experience in other sports: for four years he played on one of Michigan’s top age-level soccer teams; he played several seasons of Little League baseball;  he spent a season with Dexter Wrestling Club; he played American football for his school in Dexter, where he started as Outside Linebacker for DHS freshmen and also played for the JV team; and he is fly-half for Dexter’s U-19 rugby team, which won State High School Division One East in 2012 and 2013, and reached the semi-finals and the final of the State High School Championship in 2012 and 2013, respectively.


Ryan Quinlan, 17, RHB, RM

Ryan Quinlan is an aggressive and powerful batsman, who can punish the wayward ball with some force, and a developing bowler.  He was Young MVP of MCA’s Labor Day Tournament in 2008, and captained the combined Michigan/Midwest Cricket Academies U-13 team at the California Cricket Academy Tournament in 2009.  Before joining MCA, Ryan participated in youth programs run by Sussex County Cricket Club in his native England.  Ryan made appearances for MCA’s T20 team in 2009 and 2010, often playing alongside his father, Neill.  In 2011 Ryan represented Central East Region in the USACA national inter-regional U-15 tournament in Hartford, Ct.  In addition to cricket, Ryan is also an accomplished ice hockey player.

 Rohit Mogalayapalli, 16, RHB, RM

Rohit is one of MCA’s most important players — for his age a very powerful batsman indeed, who opens at age level (and often beyond), a very fine and increasingly aggressive bowler, and one of the best fielders in the league.  He has been with MCA for some eight years, and has distinguished himself repeatedly in tournaments, scoring big runs in California for the Michigan-Midwest U-13 side at the CCA tournament  in 2007, when only ten, and repeatedly giving a very good account of himself in MCA’s own tournaments.  He has also done very well in the adult league: in 2010, when opening the batting for the MCA T20 team, he scored a powerful 20 against the University of Michigan, staying at the wicket for more than half the innings; in the victory against HFHS Rohit was equally successful with the ball, taking 2/14 in three overs.  In MCA’s Memorial Day Weekend Tournament, 2010, Rohit scored a splendid 71, opening for MCA against Chicago (the highest score in the tournament, recorded by one of the youngest players). Rohit was fifth-highest run scorer in the National U-15 Tournament in 2010, Man-of-the-Match against Directors’ XI, when he scored 68, and a member of the DreamCricket All Tournament team.   In 2011, while making a guest appearance for GLCA in the GLCC 40-overs league, Rohit scored a spectacular 81, generally thought to be the highest score ever made in a Michigan league match by an under-fifteen player.  Rohit captained the Central East side in the 2011 USACA inter-regional U-15 tournament in Hartford, CT, scoring his maiden hundred when he carried his bat for 117 against the Directors’ XI, and finishing the tournament with an average of just over 50.  The next month Rohit was called up to the U.S. national U-15 side to play in the ICC Americas Under-15 Northern Division Tournament in Winnipeg, and played all four matches for the USA.  In the 2011 MichCA 40-overs league Rohit was second in the fielding table.  One of the area’s most experienced observers, with many first-class matches behind him, two years ago identified Rohit as a particularly promising player.   He is a very good all-round athlete: he played soccer now plays basketball for Novi High School and, as a freshman, quarterbacked the Novi JV in 2011.

Reeshav Patel, 14, LHB, LAC

In his rare appearances for MCA and his appearances for other local teams, Reeshav has already shown himself to be a talented cricketer, mature for his age.  He is knowledgeable about the game and committed to his own development, and looks bound to follow the path of his uncle, Kishan.  In 2011 Reeshav represented Central East Region in the USACA national inter-regional U-15 tournament in Hartford, Ct, and his flighted Chinamen caused opposing batsmen considerable trouble.  In 2013 Reeshav played in the Great Lakes Cricket Conference with considerable success.

Neil Makin, 14, RHB, OB, part-time wicket-keeper

Like his elder brother, Neil has been with MCA for seven years.  Twice he has played for the Michigan-Midwest Academies U-13 team in the national junior tournament in California, as well as representing MCA regularly in the Academy’s own tournaments.  Neil has also played occasionally for MCA’s T20 team, his two-wicket haul against Troy three years ago making him probably the youngest wicket-taker in league history, and leaving two adult batsmen to regret rash stroke play.  In 2010 Neil almost certainly became the youngest player to appear in a MichCA forty-over match, when he played for Kashif Akhtar’s Motown team against Metro Detroit C. C.   Asked to bat at no. 9 in somewhat desperate circumstances, Neil followed captain’s orders and played a straight bat and ran well between the wickets for several overs, enabling his senior partner to move the score into three figures.  When Motown bowled, spectators were somewhat surprised to see Neil open the bowling in tandem with the well-established Sathish Thandapani.  Although the ploy did not produce the wicket that Kashif had hoped for (M.D.C.C.’s opening batsmen were more cautious than Troy’s lower order had been the year before), Neil did not disgrace himself.  Since then, Neil has made several appearances for Motown, delighting in scoring his first run for an adult team against GRCC.  Neil is a solid fielder, numbering among his highlights a direct hit from fine leg for a runout at MCA’s Labor Day Weekend Tournament in 2008 and a fine running catch at midwicket to win his team a match in the CCA tournament the same year.     In 2011 Neil represented Central East Region in the USACA national inter-regional U-15 tournament in Hartford, Ct.  After a break Neil returned to cricket in 2013, playing for the Mich-CA U-15 team in the Junior Olympics tournament.  Neil plays association football for Dexter Soccer Club (right-back, defensive midfielder) and, in 2013, played for the Dexter High School Junior Varsity team (right wing back).