MCA Members Demonstrate the Game in Traverse City

On Monday morning two MCA players, accompanied by family members, participated in a cricket demonstration at The Children’s House, an independent Montessori school in Traverse City. The demonstration was part of the International Sports Week, run by the school’s PE teacher, Steve Maas, during the school’s summer camp. The cricket demonstration was led by Englishman Steven Ursell, a flight instructor at Northwestern Michigan College, and his Australian colleague, Cameron Kerr, with the support of Children’s House parent Tania Santos, who grew up in South Africa. American-born MCA cricketers Gordon Makin and Neil Makin, accompanied by their younger brother Nigel and father Michael, left their Dexter home at 4.30 a.m. in order to reach the Children’s House (a very impressive facility on eight beautifully landscaped acres, educating children from birth until twelve years of age) by nine on Monday morning. Some fifteen children participated enthusiastically in the morning’s cricket activities, even though inclement weather restricted them to the school’s gymnasium. MCA representatives were delighted to hear of considerable interest in cricket, both from Steve Maas, who hopes to introduce the sport to his PE curriculum, and from local expatriate adults from cricketing countries, who were warmly encouraged to participate in MichCA competitions.  Perhaps a Traverse City C. C. will emerge soon? 

Once the children had left, Steven Ursell, Cameron Kerr, Gordon Makin, and Neil Makin took advantage of the fine facility and the indoor balls to show off their claimed cricketing skills, before Tania Santos generously invited the entire MCA party to lunch in downtown Traverse City.  Some of Steve Maas’s pictures can be found in the week’s Children’s House newsletter, while MCA’s own photographs can be seen below.

Neil Makin and Steve Maas help a young enthusiast pad up.

Gordon Makin tries to beat the bat

Steven Ursell and Gordon Makin flight the ball to novice batsmen

Gordon Makin batting, Steven Ursell keeping

Neil Makin issues instructions, while Cameron Kerr bowls

 Nigel Makin insists that he knows best



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