Junior Olympics Tournament This Weekend

The Junior Olympics Cricket Tournament takes place in the Metro Detroit region over the weekend of 27/28 July. The Michigan Cricket Association U-15 team will play a three-match series (two matches at Lyon Oaks on Saturday, one at Bloomer Park on Sunday morning) against the Cricket League of New Jearsey. The U-19 Mich-CA team plays its first match at Troy Community Center on Saturday at 9.30, its second at Bloomer Park on Saturday at 2.30, and its third at TCC on Sunday at 9.30. The U-19 final is at Bloomer at 2.30 on Sunday.

Full Tournament Schedule

Below is the U-19 team announcement from Mich-CA:

Michigan Cricket Association USA is delighted to announce its U-19 team for this weekend’s Junior Olympics tournament.  We ask all Mich-CA clubs to support this event – the first cricket tournament in one of the United States’ most long-established sporting competitions.  The U-19 team plays at Troy Community Center at 9.30 on Saturday morning, at Bloomer Park at 2.30 on Saturday afternoon, and again at TCC on Sunday morning, at 9.30.  The final match will be played at Bloomer Park at 2.30, with an awards ceremony at 6.30.  The other participants in the U-19 bracket are: International Academy, Midwest Cricket Conference, and North-east Region/Southern Connecticut.  Please encourage your team families to attend the matches, please bring your children – boys and girls.  If members of your club can provide volunteer support at the Tournament, please contact the Mich-CA Secretary or the Mich-CA Youth Coordinator – we still need more volunteers.

The future of American cricket is dependent on the participation of both boys and girls in our sport, please do what you can to support youth cricket.  This squad includes players born in the United States who have been members of Mich-CA clubs since they were twelve; they have played for our league and our region; they have made a major commitment to cricket despite the challenges of playing here and the abundant sporting alternatives.  Please do everything you can to support them.

U-19 Squad in Alphabetical Order:

  1. Ansari, Hamza
  1. Hoque, Md Ahsanul
  1. Hussain, Iftekhar
  1. Khan, Burhan Uddin
  1.  Lingkon, Foyaz-Ahmed
  1. Makin, Gordon
  1. Malik, Mohammad
  1. Mayasandra, Aniruddha (Captain)
  1. Saad, Muhamad
  1. Singh, Simranjit
  1. Thakran, Farhan
  1. Waseem, Shayan
  1. Rahman, Zamil


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