MichCA Indoor Tournament Final Tonight (Saturday 13 April, 7 pm)

The Michigan Cricket Association reminds everyone that the final of the MichCA indoor tournament will take place tonight in Auburn Hills, spectators are very welcome.  MCA’s own Anurag Yerabati is expected to play in the match. Information below (reproduced from the official announcement):

“Michigan Cricket Association USA would like to congratulate  Gladiators CC and Michigan Premier CC for making it to the final of the Winter Indoor Tournament 2013. We are grateful to Susheel Bhat and Shahid Malik for organizing the tournament. Special thanks to Shahid Malik and others for helping in umpiring the games at no cost to the league.

Please join us to watch the Final and encourage the players from both the teams.

Final will be played today, 4/13 at 7:00pm

Tournament Venue:

Great Lakes Golf Center,

3951 Joslyn Road,

Auburn Hills, MI – 48326″


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