MCA Go North Again

For the third year in a row, MCA members participated in a cricket demonstration last Monday at Traverse City’s Children’s House, during the International Sports Week run at the K-6 school and day care centre’s summer camp. As last yearGordon Makin  helped coach the camp participants, while MCA’s Information Director introduced the sport, showing highlights of the recent ODI series between England and Australia and explaining, with the help of those highlights, the basic elements of the game.

The Sports Week was organized by Children’s House parent Tania Santos, who generously hosted the MCA contingent, and forgave them for preferring England’s Test Match team in the forthcoming series to that of South Africa, where she grew up, while Englishman Steve Ursell, of Northwestern Michigan College, provided the local talent. Children’s House P.E. teacher Steve Maas coordinated the event.

After the introductory talk 17 children (ages 5-11) were invited to learn some cricketing skills in the school’s impressive gymnasium, and then to play a short match. Steve Ursell captained an England XI, while MCA’s Gordon Makin captained a South Africa XI which included Tania Santos’ eight-year-old son Niklas. The match reached a tense finale, with Gordon’s team triumphing as England’s captain leaked runs to his opposite number.

Several Children’s House pupils showed impressive skill with ball and bat, although the ICC might have looked askance at the bowling actions of many. Pictures below.


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