India Blues win Diversity Cup; Final Streamed Live

The final of Global Sports’ Diversity Cup, one of the Midwest’s top cricket tournaments, featuring teams representing the USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, West Indies and the Rest of the World, was streamed live globally on Sunday by and India Blues, led by G.D.C.C.’s Chandan Sood, defeated last year’s champions, Rest of the World, captained by Lions C.C.’s Shahid Malik.   Sri Lanka and the USA Stars were the losing semi-finalists. The T20 tournament featured MCA members as players and match officials, and an MCA officer was a member of the commentary team for the streamed final.

There was also plenty of exciting action in the group matches, as spectators at the Hartland Ground on Saturday evening will readily acknowledge.  They saw a key match between India Blues and Canada Maple Leafs go down to the final over. Canada needed four to win off four balls, with one wicket remaining, when the last Canadian pair attempted a very risky single, thought again, but only in time to see a direct hit at the striker’s end give India a victory that had seemed to be slipping away once Canada’s last men had gone after the Indian bowling with some big hitting. Pictures of the match below.


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