No Motown-MCA Team in Great Lakes Tournament

The captain of Motown C.C., in consultation with officers of MCA, has decided that it will not be possible to field a team in this year’s Great Lakes Tournament, due to start this weekend. Motown and MCA are sorry to have to make this announcement, but with the tournament beginning so late in the year and with the College Cup also starting soon, it proved impossible to put together a playing squad for this weekend, and it was feared that it would be almost as hard to do so next weekend.

Motown and MCA players who wish to play in the GLT and have not yet found alternative teams are advised to contact MichCA President Shahid Ahmed and/or Vice President Pankaj Mahajan.

MCA continues to build its squad for the College Cup (8/9 October). Please confirm your participation as soon as possible.

An indoor tournament is planned for the winter months. Check the web site for announcements and details.


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