Reading List: a Recommendation from MCA Joint Head Coach, Vasanth Krishnaswami

Today MCA begins a new occasional series, “Reading List”, in which MCA officers and others make some recommendations for reading. The first item on the list is from Dr Vasanth Krishnaswami, who suggests that MCA members and friends take a look at a piece by former Glamorgan and England player Steve James,  now cricket correspondent of London’s Daily Telegraph.  The article was published in today’s paper:

“Cricket is the Ultimate Numbers Game”

Dr Krishnaswami writes of the article:

“It alludes (understandably only very briefly) to a number of interesting topics, including:

“1.  The use of statistics:  Some of this should be taken with a pinch of salt, since it is always easy to get caught up in looking at the wrong things simply because they are measurable, but the right numbers can provide useful insight

“2.  The book Moneyball and its influence on Andy Flower’s thinking, and

“3.  Geometry:  This is the most interesting and under-appreciated aspect in my opinion.  The article itself only mentions it in the context of batting against spin, but in reality it is important in many areas, e.g. bowling over vs around the wicket, chances of getting an lbw, where you take guard for different bowlers (pace or spin) etc.  There is also a funny anecdote regarding Fletcher’s difficulties in explaining geometric concepts to Trescothick.”

Watch out for more items on the reading list in the coming weeks.


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