Motown-MCA Players Top MichCA Performance Tables at the end of the First Round of 40-Overs Competition

With the first stage of the MichCA 40-overs competition completed, it is a good moment to look at the MichCA statistics (at this point provisional) in batting and bowling. So good a moment for Motown-MCA that the superstitious might fear a jinx. Nonetheless …

The dominant bowler – by far — in the first round has been MCA’s own Anurag Yerabati, who has taken 20 wickets in eight matches, at an average of 10.6, with a strike rate of 13.15, and an economy rate of 4.84. The next bowler in the top-bowler list is Lions captain Shahid Malik, seven wickets behind Anurag. In eighth place is Maniramprasad, with nine wickets at an average of 20.67, while in fourteenth place is Pawan Canchi (six wickets at 23.67), followed by Ani Mayasandra (also six wickets, at a slightly better average of 20.17). Deepak Chilla, who has only played four matches, still comes in twenty-second (five wickets at11.4), and Vasanth Krishnaswami and Rohit Mogalayapalli are also in the top fifty.

The top batsman is Maniramprasad, with 265 runs at an average of 53; Shyam Mayasandra is sixth (158/26.33), Sathish Thandapani eighth (143/28.6), Anurag Yerabati thirteenth (121/20.17), Vijay Patel nineteenth (101/16.83), and Gordon Makin twenty-eighth (84/16.8).

The fielding table makes for interesting reading, too: Rohit Mogalayapalli is in second place, Mani in fifth, Vasanth Krishnaswami in ninth, Pawan Canchi in twelfth, Ani Mayasandra in thirteenth, and Sathish Thandapani in twentieth.

The success of the six MCA youth cricketers listed above is particularly worthy of note. The players themselves and their coaches, Vasanth Krishnaswami, Shyam Mayasandra, and V. V. Giri, are to be heartily congratulated. These figures also suggest that the Motown-MCA blend of youth and experience promises much for the future.

The immediate future, of course, is the second stage of the competition. Motown-MCA players and their followers will be hoping for more of the same.


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