In Memoriam: Azmat Khan

Michigan Cricket Academy is deeply saddened to note the death of Azmat Khan, President of Greater Toledo Cricket Club. Mr Khan had a heart attack during GTCC’s match on Sunday and died later in hospital. Mr Khan was a very well-known and very well-liked figure in the local cricket community; he built GTCC into one of the top clubs in Michigan (this year GTCC fielded teams in both of MichCA’s leagues and in one of GLCC’s, and results indicate a very strong cricket program; he had also initiated youth coaching sessions in Toledo this summer), and was a dedicated and passionate cricketer. He was the senior man in our league, and enjoyed the high respect and great affection appropriate to that seniority. MCA expresses its profound condolences to Mr Khan’s family and to all of his friends and associates in the cricketing community. MichCA’s Governing Body yesterday wrote of Mr Khan (minor editorial changes have been made to the original note):

“He was a noble person, caring father, dedicated husband and great brother, besides being an invaluable and loyal friend. He was also known to be a hard-core cricketer, and an outstanding promoter of youth in sports activities. He was a father figure to many cricketers due to his limitless dedication to the search for excellence. His departure for paradise this evening is an irrecoverable loss not only to the entire Asian-American community but also to all those people with whom he interacted as neighbor, colleague, businessman and friend.

“Azmat bhai (as he was fondly known as) was one of the most passionate cricketers in the USA. His dedication to the game and to its local welfare resulted in his cricket club achieving unmatched success and reaching new pinnacles year after year. He had a heart-attack after playing a cricket game and left us all in Toledo Hospital around 5 pm today. MichCA has lost its senior-most member of the organization.”

MichCA also forwarded the following details of Mr Khan’s funeral:

“The funeral service for Azmat Bhai will be held at Islamic Center of Greater Toledo on Tuesday [9 August], starting around 1:00pm.

“Viewing will be around 1:00pm, followed by daily Zuhr prayer at 1:30 and his funeral prayer right after it. We will leave from there for the burial service and to his final resting place in Waterville.

“May God rest his soul in peace & paradise.

“Islamic Center of Greater Toledo 25877 Schneider Road Perrysburg, OH 43551 (419) 874-3509 “For those who are not familiar with islamic funeral service, here is a link:

MichCA subsequently reported that “the funeral services for and burial of our beloved friend Azmat Khan were performed and hundreds of family and friends were present to pay homage to the great soul. Azmat bhai was a noble person and a passionate cricketer- he’ll remain in our hearts forever! To commemorate all the great things Azmat Bhai did for the growth of cricket in Ohio and Michigan, MichCA is organizing a T20 game between Ohio XI and Michigan XI. This game will be a tribute to Azmat Khan and will be held in Beatty Park, Toledo. The winning team will receive ‘Azmat Khan Memorial Trophy’. The dates will be announced very soon.”

Mr Khan’s obituary was published in the Toledo Blade on 9 August and may be found here.



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3 responses to “In Memoriam: Azmat Khan

  1. Kanish

    Sorry to hear about his unfortunate demise. May God provides strength to his loved ones to recover from this irrecoverable loss!

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