Two MCA Players in US U-15 Squad

USACA has announced the national U-15 squad to play in the ICC Americas Northern Division Tournament in Winnipeg, Canada, from 21 to 26 August. The squad of 14 includes two MCA players who represented Central East Region in the recent USACA national inter-regional U-15 tournament in Hartford, Connecticut: opening batsman and medium pacer Rohit Mogalayapalli and opening batsman and wicket keeper Gordon Makin. MCA congratulates the two players and wishes them the very best of luck.

Rohit’s father, Murali, wrote apropos of his son’s selection: “Special thanks to [MCA Joint Head Coaches] Shyam and Vasanth for years of support and … for sparing their own valuable time consistently to coach the boys. I still remember the first tournament at the Chicago SV temple grounds, when Rohit was 7 years old and he was asked to bat by Shyam. Also special appreciation to … Giri for [his] role in supporting the efforts for Shyam and Vasanth.” Gordon’s father wrote: “I am very grateful indeed for all the opportunities that MCA has provided.  Without Shyam, Vasanth, and Giri, Gordon would have had no chance whatsoever of playing serious cricket at all, let alone of making the national team at this … level.”



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3 responses to “Two MCA Players in US U-15 Squad

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  2. Kashif S

    Congratulations to MCA, players and parents. They are MichCA and USA cricket future.

  3. Faisal Sultan

    Awesome Job Gordon and Rohit….MichCA is proud of you….go do some damage…

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