MCA and Motown News, Schedule for 21-22 July

Motown-MCA practice will take place from 6 pm on Thursday, 21 July, at Lyon Oaks.

The Junior Instructional League will take place from 6 pm on Friday, 22 July, at Lyon Oaks.

Note that there are no league matches this weekend because of the US Corporate Cricket Cup

Note, too, that there will be public lecture, introducing cricket to a general audience, at the Canton Public Library (1200 S. Canton Center Rd.), at 7 pm on Thursday, 21 July. Support at the event for the MCA officer giving the lecture would be most welcome.

In the MichCA 40-overs league last Saturday, Motown-MCA defeated Oakland University, defending a modest total with the help of excellent bowling by the MCA players, including Pawan Canchi, who took four wickets. Details will be posted to the web site soon.

Finally, five Michigan players, most of them MCA regulars, and two of them Motown regulars, represented Central East Region in the recently concluded National Inter-regional U-15 Tournament. Match reports can be found at the following links:

Rohit Mogalayapalli Carries his Bat for 117 as CER defeat Directors’ XI by 198 Runs

Déja vu All Over Again for CER vs New York

Central East Lose to Hosts; CER Opener Carries his Bat

CER Finish Sixth after Loss to South East


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