Motown-MCA Team vs Canton C. C., Saturday, 9 June

Motown-MCA Captain Sathish Thandapani has announced the team for tomorrow’s match at Canton:

Motown-MCA vs Canton CC, Heritage Park, Canton

1) Shyam Mayasandra
2) Gordon Makin (WK)
3) Rohit Mogalayapalli
4) Maniramprasad Ravikumar (WK)
5) Anurag Yerabati (VC & WK)
6) Ani Mayasandra
7) Vijay Patel
8 ) Sathish Thandapani (C)
9) Vasanth Krishnaswami
10) Pawan Canchi
11) Neville Manohar

The Captain is still looking for a 12th man. As per the league rules the 12th man is allowed to bat and bowl, so if anybody is interested please let him know.

Also, as usual, please be at the ground before 10 a.m. A warm up session will be led by the Vice Captain from 10 ~ 10:15.


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