CER U-15 Team Announced – four MCA Members, Rohit Mogalayapalli to Captain

Central East Region has announced its team for the National Inter-Regional U-15 Tournament, to be held in Hartford Connecticut, 15-18 July:

“The following U15 players from our region have been selected for the CER team participating in the USACA U15 national championship. This team was confirmed by the board members in our last emergency board meeting help on Friday, July 1st.

1. Arsalan Babar
2. Imran Babar
3. Abdul Rehman Qureshi
4. Shaan Patel
5. Nauman Khan
6. Rahul Krishna Kosgi
7. Priyank Sanjay Patel
8. Nauman Ahmed
9. Gordon Makin
10. Rohit Mogalaypalli
11. Ryan Quinlan

“All board members agreed unanimously with the proposal of the following appointments:

Captain: Rohit Mogalaypalli
Vice Captain: Nauman Khan
Manager: Mr. Michael Makin
Coach: Mr. Nadika Diasagunawerdena (pending confirmation by July 5)” 

Update, 6 July: MCA’s Reeshav Patel has been added to the squad.


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