MichCA Umpiring Session, Mayur Restaurant, Troy, Thursday, 30 June

The MCA Joint Head Coaches thought that the following might be of interest to MCA members. Since it clashes with a scheduled Motown-MCA practice, please let MCA know if you would like to attend both. If sufficient numbers would like to do so, Thursday’s practice can be brought forward.

Umpiring Session Conducted by Mr. VK Ramaswami

June 30, Thursday 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Mayur Restaurant

5113 Rochester Road, Troy MI 48085

Dinner will be provided to all the participants.

From the MichCA Email:

“It is our honor to announce that MichCA will be holding an instructional session for our umpires conducted by former international umpire from India, Mr. VK Ramaswami.

Mr. Ramaswami is here and is kind enough to spend time with our umpires to go over some important knowledge on how to manage a game and make good decisions.

Please mark your calendar for a two hour session on Thursday, June 30th from 7 pm to 9 pm.

We will highly appreciate if you could RSVP [“communications@michca.org] about your attending this session. It will help us in better planning”


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