Beyond MCA: Another Star Performance for Guest Player from MCA

Since Motown-MCA had no fixture last weekend there were plenty of opportunities for MCA regulars not playing in California to put in guest appearances for other teams. Pawan Canchi, Anurag Yerabati, who starred for Vikings last week, Deepak Chilla, and Chamila Kannangara were among the MCA players who appeared either for Great Lakes Cricket Academy or for the Vikings last weekend, in the GLCC 40-overs and 20-overs leagues respectively. But pride of place must go this week to fourteen-year-old Rohit Mogalayapalli, whose 81 led GLCA to a 30-run victory (their first win of the season) over Advanced Technology Group C. C. at Bloomer on Saturday. MCA does not have any official all-time records for youth cricket performances in the state of Michigan, but it is widely suspected that this is the highest score ever made by a U-15 cricketer in a league match in Michigan.

Meanwhile, at the Meijer Games of Michigan Cricket Tournament at Grand Rapids on Sunday, MCA Specialist Coach Dr V. V. Giri and MCA’s Information Director had a more sedate cricketing assignment: they worked as TV commentators for Grand Rapids Public Television station WKTV. Excerpts from the results of their work will be broadcast sometime next month. At that tournament, directed by Grand Rapids C. C. President Fahad Ilahi, MichCA’s Lions C.C. overwhelmed Detroit Super Kings in the final. Lions had a strong squad, boosted, in particular, by the presence of guest player Hasan Raza, a current first-class player in Pakistan, with seven Test and sixteen ODI appearances to his name.


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