New Feature: Coaches’ Corner. Advice from Dr V. V. Giri

MCA regulars will know Dr V. V. Giri well. A distinguished former first-class cricketer, Dr Giri played many Ranji Trophy matches for Tamil Nadu; he has also played extensively outside of India (England, Australia, Eastern Africa, the Fare East, Canada, USA), and remains a leading figure in the cricket community of his native Chennai, where he is a long-time member of the distinguished Madras Cricket Club, for which he played, and which he served for five years as Secretary.  In Michigan, when his scholarly and professional schedule permits, he plays for Troy Cricket Club and umpires in our local leagues. In India, in addition to pursuing his scholarly profession (he has a Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Technology),  he also worked as a professional coach, working with many leading players.  He has kindly agreed to run special, one-on-one coaching sessions for MCA most Tuesdays, starting at 4 pm, at Lyon Oaks Cricket ground (for more details, please contact MCA). Dr Giri opens a new feature on the MCA web site with some advice for young players:

Another Brick in the Wall

Watch the highlights of the recently completed  West Indies vs India Test Match. In particular, watch Dravid. What an innings!! Terrific. Total commitment, discipline and perseverance.

See how he avoided the bouncers and played with soft hands. Look at the long shuffling of back and across before the delivery to come to the line and get extra time with body weight behind. This is a perfect “demonstration” of playing a side-saving innings.

Almost all his centuries have either won the match or saved the match for India. Most of his centuries are in the third and fourth innings!!!

I want the MCA stallions to watch this innings again and again. Someone not in his prime, over 38 years old, on the Sabina Park wicket, and waiting to be dropped, playing an innings of character!!

Watch out for more contributions to Coaches’ Corner, and to more words of wisdom from Dr Giri.


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