MCA Combined XI Heads to California

On Wednesday the MCA Combined XI flew to California, where it will play in the California Cricket Academy’s U-17 tournament, which concludes on Sunday. MCA will play CCA 1, CCA 2, and New Jersey it what looks like a very demanding competition.

MCA Joint Head Coach Shyam Mayasandra will coach the team, while Chicago’s Arjun Ahuja and Paarth Joshi are the co-captains, with MCA’s own Ani Mayasandra and Gordon Makin the vice-captains.

Look out for regular tournament updates this week on the MCA web site and, whenever possible, scores from matches in progress on the Academy Twitter feed:  The tournament also has its own twitter feed —

The full team (with one addition expected on Wednesday) is:

Vivek  Joglekar,
Sagar Patel,
Kwiese Edmondson,
Aniruddha Mayasandra,
Gordon Makin,
Paarth Joshi,
Arjun Ahuja,
Rahul Kosgi,
Karanjit Singh,
Ishan Bhardwaj


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