New Program: One-on-one Coaching with Dr V. V. Giri

MCA is delighted to announce a new program. Most Tuesdays, from 4-7pm, MCA will run a net, accompanied by one-on-one coaching from one of the most distinguished members of our local cricketing community – Dr V. V. Giri. Dr Giri will be familiar to many MCA cricketers – not only is he one of Michigan’s premier umpires and a senior (and very effective) member of Troy C. C., but he is also, of course, a former first-class cricketer with many years of playing experience at the highest level, and the former coach of a spin academy in his home town of Chennai. This program is aimed first and foremost at MCA’s most advanced players, but is open to all. Dr Giri analyzes every batsman and bowler in depth, gives weekly assignments, and works carefully on individual development.

MCA is profoundly grateful to Dr Giri for his work with the area’s young cricketers.

For more details, including fees, please contact MCA Joint Head Coach Shyam Mayasandra or MCA Information Director Michael Makin.


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