No MCA Practice This Weekend; News of CER Tournament

The weather, the holiday weekend, and ground availability all have conspired to ensure that there will be no MCA practice this weekend. The Academy wishes everyone a very pleasant break, and wishes all the very best to the MichCA team representing our league in the Central East Region tournament in the Chicago suburbs this weekend. Motown-MCA’s elegant stroke player Maniramprasad is in the squad, which is managed by MCA Joint Head Coach Shyam Mayasandra. The MichCA team faces a tough schedule (as published by the American Cricket Conference):

CER Championship pools:

POOL A: Midwest / GLCC / Directors XI

POOL B: Minnesota / MichCA / ACC

Match Schedule for Saturday May 28, 2011:


MichCA V/S ACC @ Glendale Heights 1

Midwest V/S Directors XI @ GH2

GLCC V/S Minnesota @ Carol Stream

Match Schedule for Sunday May 29, 2011:


ACC V/S Minnesota @ GH2

GLCC V/S Directors XI @ GH1

Midwest V/S MichCA @ Carol Stream

Monday May 30, 2011:


CER Championship Finals will be played at GH1


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