MCA and Motown C.C. Plan Joint Practice/Coaching Sessions

MCA Joint Head Coach and senior Motown C.C. player Vasanth Krishnaswami has suggested that the Academy and Motown C.C. hold midweek joint practices, run by a professional coach, at Lyon Oaks cricket ground. This season’s Captain of Motown (and occasional MCA guest player) Satish Thandapani also supports the idea. These practices would be aimed at older MCA members, especially, but not only, those who might want to play with Motown, and at Motown’s own players. In order to make these possible, a “critical mass” of players is required. If you are interested in participating, please let MCA’s information director know as soon as possible. The likely cost per two-hour session will be between $5 and $10, and a commitment to attend will be expected of those who express interest. Currently, Wednesday is the preferred date.


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