MichCA Awards Ceremony, Saturday, 19th February


The Michigan Cricket Association will mark its tenth anniversary on Saturday, 19th February, with a celebratory ceremony at Troy Community Center, 3179 Livernois Road, Troy, from 3 to 6pm. All local cricketers and their families are invited. Among the events, winners and runners-up of last season’s tournaments will be recognized, awards for individual performances will be made, and players who represented the region will be recognized. MCA, as runner up in the National Collegiate Cricket Cup, will be among the awardees,  and MCA players who represented C.E.R. in last year’s national tournaments will be recognized.  MCA regular guest player Kashif Akhtar will also be recognized in multiple categories, including MVP of last year’s Forty-over tournament.

Event Flyer

Forty-overs Tournament Awards, 2010

Twenty-overs Tournament Awards, 2010 

Forty-overs Tournament, Career Awards

Twenty-overs Tournament Career Awards

All-time Top Five, Forty-overs Tournament

All-time Top Five, Twenty-overs Tournament 


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