MCA Recruitment

MCA has enjoyed a very successful period, with players nurtured by the Academy graduating to senior teams, thriving at age-level tournaments, and also making significant progress as members of MCA’s own league and tournament teams. However, our youngest regularly active players are now teenagers, and MCA is anxious to see an influx of younger players to form the next generation of Academy cricketers. We rely in part on our own members to promote MCA activities and bring in new members. Thus we ask you to let all young cricketers and potential young cricketers know about MCA. The winter indoor sessions provide a good place to learn the game, and if MCA knows that younger players will be joining and coming regularly to MCA practices and other events, it is much easier to develop a coordinated curriculum for novices and other younger cricketers. If you have suggestions for new ways to attract younger players please share them with the Academy, and please distribute our flyers as widely as you can, and remind your friends, fellow parents, class mates, and others that MCA provides a special arena for the development of cricket (and life) skills.

MCA Flyer 2010


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