Florida Cricket Academy U-19 Tournament, 15-17 January

The Florida Cricket Academy has announced its annual U-19 Tournament, which will take place over MLK Day Weekend, 15-17 January, 2011. MCA is considering the possibility of entering a team, based around a core of MCA players, plus others recruited from sister academies and programs. Anyone interested in participating should contact MCA immediately. It is unlikely that MCA will be able to provide any financial support to participants, while FCA is able to guarantee only match costs (including refreshments) and a low hotel rate, to be paid by participants themselves, although the hosts are looking for ways to provide further support. Thus, potential participants should work on the assumption that they will be responsible for all expenses. However, air fares to Fort Lauderdale over that weekend should not be too high (perhaps as low as just over $200), while sharing hotel rooms will keep the cost of accommodation down. Thus it might be possible to make the trip for under $500 in total. FCA points out that anyone hoping to attract the attention of national selectors before the ICC Americas tournament in February might find this a particularly interesting opportunity. For the purposes of the tournament, FCA considers anyone born on or after 1 June, 1990, to be “under-nineteen”.

Please let MCA know of your interest in participating as soon as possible.

FCA Tournament Flyer


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