CER Announces Team for U-19 National Tournament – Kishan Patel Selected; Two MCA Players Among Reserves

Central East Region has announced its team for the U-19 National Tournament, originally scheduled for Detroit during the first weekend in August, but now rescheduled for Los Angeles over 19-22 August. Kishan Patel is among those selected, while two other MCA players are among the reserves:

1.   Abhijit Joshi  Captain
2.   Fahad Babar  Vice captain
3.   Srijay Kumar
4.   Aashay Chavan
5.   Jason Fox
6.   Kishan Patel
7.   Bilal Ismail
8.   Salman Ahmad
9.   Shubhankar
10. Wasim Patel
11. Talha Zamir
12. Jacques Gerber
13. Akhil Sridher
14. Shoib Choudhery
Haris Ahmed
Vaibhav Ganesh
Zakaria Uddin
Rohit Mogalayapalli
Gordon Makin

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