Weekend of 4 July — no MCA Fixture, Practice; Two Major Tournaments on Local Grounds

There will be no MCA practice over the long weekend of 4 July, and the MCA T20 team does not have a fixture.  However, one of the area’s major tournaments, the Diversity Cup, is taking place at Lyon Oaks and Bloomer Parks on Saturday and Sunday, with several MCA players involved.  More details on the Global Sports Web Site.  Meanwhile, over all three days of the long weekend, the Central East Regional Tournament is also taking place at local grounds.  It is anticipated that a series of fifty-over matches will be played by teams representing the leagues of the Central East Region.  MichCA’s squad of twenty two, announced yesterday (see attachment below), includes three senior cricketers who have played for MCA this season: Kashif Akhtar, Mani Ramprasad, and Murali Venkatapathy.  MCA wishes them and the rest of the MichCA team, plus all other friends and members of the Academy playing this weekend, the very best of luck.

MichCA Squad for Central East Regional Tournament, 2010


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