MCA Player under Consideration for League Team

MCA fast bowler Chamila Kannangara is on the MichCA “first draft” list of fifty players under consideration for the team to represent the league in the Central East Region Tournament.  Details from the MichCA email are below, the preliminary list is in the attached document.  Many congratulations to Chamila, and good luck to him and to MCA’s T20 guest players who are also on the list (Kashif Akhtar, Maniramprasad Ravikumarand Muralidharan Venkatapathy).   

MichCA writes: This list has been compiled based on (1) nominations sent by various Teams/Clubs and (2) Top-10 performers in 2010 season as shown in the ResultsVault. Please note that these Try-Outs are also open for all members of MichCA. All those Teams/Clubs that have not yet contributed to this list are hereby invited to send their top players to the TryOuts. These Try-Outs are mandatory and therefore we want all players to come prepared along with their cricket-gear (if available with them).   

Date:                    06-24-2010 (Thursday)
Time:                    6:00pm – 8:30pm
Location:               Lyon Oaks Park, 52251 Pontiac Trail, Wixom, MI 48393
Primary Contact:    Philip Allen will represent MichCA GB during the tryouts. Feel free to contact him at the ground in case you have any questions.

The Selection Panel will consist of three well-known cricket personalities of Michigan- Dr Abdul Hai, Shekar Kadur and Banfield Mark. They will select a FINAL LIST of 20 players [14 members of the team and 6 reserves] based on their assessment of the unique skills of players in terms of strength in batting, bowling and fielding (incl. general fitness) and player’s present form in terms of current season performances.”  





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