Three MCA Players in CER U-15 Squad; Another is on Stand-by

Central East Region (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama) of the United States Cricket Association has announced its team for the U-15 Regional Tournament in New Jersey next month.  Three MCA players have been selected (of whom two played in the U-15 tournament last year), while another is on stand-by.  The team, as announced by the CER Coach, is as follows :

1. Paarth Shirish Joshi (MWCC, GCCA)
2. Vivek Milind Joglekar (MWCC, GCCA)
3. Imran   Babar (MWCC, MWCA)
4. Abdul Rehman Qureshi (MWCC, MWCA)
5. Arnav J Sridher (MWCC, MWCA)
6. Arjun Ahuja (MWCC, MWCA)
7. Srijith Kumar Sunil (MWCC, PHOENIX)
8. Arsalan Babar (MWCC, MWCA)
9. Priyank Patel (MWCC, MWCA)
10. Samvit Tirunalayi (MWCC, MWCA)
11. Aniruddha Mayasandra (MICHCA, MCA)
12. Gordon Lawrence Makin (MICHCA, MCA)
13. Rohit Reddy Mogalayapalli (MICHCA, MCA)
14. Nauman Khan (MWCC, CCI)

1. Muhammed Saad (MichCA)
2. Shayan Waseem (MICHCA)  
3. Neil Lawrence Makin (MICHCA, MCA)
4. Sohair A Rahim (MWCC, MWCA)


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