Memorial Day Weekend Tournament Schedule

MCA is pleased to announce the provisional schedule for the 2010 Memorial Day Weekend Tournament (see below, provisional playing conditions also attached).  Four teams are participating: a Combined Chicago team, MichCA Colts, GLCC Colts, and MCA.

The MCA squad, captained by Kishan Patel, is asked to gather at Lyon Oaks tomorrow (Friday) for a practice session at 6 pm.

For further details, please contact MCA’s Information Director, Michael Makin, or Joint Head Coach, Shyam Mayasandra.

Date/Time Bloomer Lyon Oaks
05/29 9:00am CYC vs MCA MichCA  vs GLCC
05/29 2:00pm CYC  vs MichCA MCA vs GLCC
05/30 9:00am CYC vs GLCC MCA  vs MichCA
05/30 2:00pm Closing Ceremony

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