Fixture List

MichCA has published the fixture list for the rest of the regular season (but note that modifications are still possible). 

Below are the T20 fixtures for MCA, and also the fixtures for Motown C. C., for whom a number of MCA members play. 
Note the new date for the MCA fixture vs Toledo, now on a Saturday. 

The home team is listed first:


Sunday, 6 June, 2.30 pm, Ann Arbor C.C. vs MCA @ Canton
Sunday, 13 June, 2.30 pm, Troy C. C. vs MCA @ Hartland
Sunday, 20 June, 10.30 am, MCA vs Greater Detroit @ Lyon Oaks
Saturday, 26 June, 10.30 am, MCA vs Toledo, @ Hartland
Saturday, 10 July, 2.30 pm, MCA vs Saginaw, @Lyon Oaks
Sunday, 18 July, 2.30 pm, Oakland University vs MCA @ Bloomer


Saturday, 5 June, Toledo vs Motown @ Toledo
Saturday, 12 June, Motown vs Troy, @ Belle Isle
Saturday, 19 June, Motown vs Grand Rapids, @ Hartland
Saturday, 26 June, Greater Detroit vs Motown, @ Bloomer
Sunday, 11 July, Motown vs Michigan C. C. @ Toledo

Full MichCA Fixtures Until July


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